Code : AR-06

Price : 50 gram Rp 12.000, 100 gram Rp 20.000, 250 gram 40.000, 500 gram 80.000, Rp 130.000/ kg

Varian aroma : Jasmine, Green tea, Lemon
Fragrances are made from a mixture of dried herbs with aromatherapy fragrance that is perfect for relaxation, air freshener, and car freshener.
How to Use:
Enter the potpourri in a jar, or bowl, or other container, then place it in a place that you inginkam. If the fragrant potpourri begins to decline, can you tetesi with essential oils (aromatherapy oils) and mix well, fragrant potpourri will return.

This item not always ready stock


About Poetriayu Shop

Poetriayu is an online store that selling hijab (jilbab), woman’s accessories, body care, and aromatherapy. We receive custom order for silver accessories such as couple ring, pendant, earrings, brooch, and single ring. We also receive custom order for souvenir & miniature made from brass, copper (tembaga), silver and pottery (gerabah).

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