How to measure your ring :

This size is same with gold ring size.

If you don’ t have a ring before, you can follow the way below :

– Cut the paper who somewhat thick (ex. manila paper) with a width of approximately 0.5 cm
– Draped on your finger, give a dot with ballpoint and leave it.
– Form a circle and measure the inside diameter with the ruler (start from zero).



Tips for treating/ caring the Hijab (Jilbab):

1. Keep your hijab inside the cupboard or a special place and fold them neatly. Do not be stacked with other clothes, so as not to wrinkle when it is used.
2. Wash the hood with the use of soap or detergent and avoid using the washing machine
3. Dry the hood with washer dryer or dried. For durability, color, do not be exposed to direct sunlight.
4. Iron with a medium temperature, not too hot.
5. Give a deodorizer on your hood, to feel fresh when used.


How to Take Care of Silver Jewelry
– Place a separate silver jewelry with other jelwery and keep a dry place.
– Avoid items that contain sulfur (sulfur soap), menthol, a substance chloride, and acid (sour) because silver can change color.
– Do not hit the perfume directly.
– When the silver changes color, use white toothpaste, acidic kelerak / java acid or silver cleanser sold in supermarkets.
– For treatment with toothpaste or kelerak acid, the first brush jewelry using a soft brush, rinse with water and then towel adorned with a soft cloth.
– Clean the silver with a soft cloth regularly to keep it clean and shiny.

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