How to Order

How To Order

1. Please send your order to us via email: or SMS to +62 856 240 81177 include:
a. item code/ name of product
b. quantity
c. full name
d. shipping address

2. We will confirm your order of the total amount of money that must be paid (including the price of goods and shipping) via SMS or Email.

3. Payment can be done by bank transfer on Bank Rakyat Indonesia. Account will be notified later.

4. Once you make payment, please inform us via SMS to +62 856 2408 1177 by way of mentioning the name, bank transfer destination and the amount of money transferred.

5. You can ask us about the delivery time.

* Notice that most of Poetriayu’ s products are made by order, so please immediately confirm your payment so that we can quickly process your order. Time production for souvenir is 2-4 weeks depends on quantity of product.

Thank you….. ^_^


How to measure your ring *

– Cut the paper who somewhat thick (ex. manila paper) with a width of approximately 0.5 cm
– Draped on your finger
– Form a circle and measure the inside diameter with the ruler

*if you doesn’t have a ring before

  1. Hi do you shipped to singapore?

  2. Aku mau liat model2 cincin nikah

  3. samyati dewi

    mbak mau order electric burner buat aromatherapy kode OBE 08…ready stock ga? bisa beli satuan khan?

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