Rule & Warranty

Order Terms
• Shop Poetriayu receive inquiries and reservations via SMS, phone calls and e-mail.
• Inquire via SMS and the phone is open daily with the provisions of Monday – Friday from 06:00 hours till 21:00 and Saturday – Sunday from 06:00 till 17:00 hours. Orders coming Sunday will be processed the next day off because our employees is holiday.
• No items are ready stock. Goods made only after the customer to confirm payment.
• Prices do not include shipping cost.
• Shipping orders retail longest two weeks of the customer to make payments. Except for the request of silver accessories and souvenirs in significant amounts and intricate designs.
• Shipping is done every day Monday – Saturday.
• All order is delivered through courier / expedition like JNE, Tiki, Pahala Express and POS including customer from Cirebon, except the customer will take it in our address.
• Poetriayu does not accept COD (Cash on Delivery), including the customer from a position of Cirebon.
• Delay in delivery of goods ordered because there is a problem in the expedition is not the responsibility of Poetriayu. Poetriayu only can follow up the courier / expedition to immediately send the customer orders.
• Orders are sent to the customer through the stages of quality control and safely packaging. If there is damage occurs during delivery, it’ not Poetriayu’ s responsibility. For more safety, we will advice to use wooden packing for fragile product such as oil burner, ratus burner, clay souvenir in large quantity.  The cost is Rp 25.000 per box.
• Please be patient over SMS, email, phone and chat are not always responded quickly by Poetriayu.

Product Warranty
• Poetriayu Shop provide warranty on accessories ring size if not in accordance with customer demand. Customer may return the ring and ask for a new size made. We will not charge the cost of repairing the size of the ring (all material is silver 925 only) but the ring back postage is borne by the customer. With records, the customer sends back the products purchased and accompanied by a memorandum of purchase / invoice to Poetriayu Shop. If you buy the silver ring finishing with gold, we charge Rp 55.000 / pcs of the ring.

• Poetriayu Shop provide warranty if there is a change of color in accessories such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other accessories products caused by the mistakes of our production (not because of customer fault). We will repair the product free of charge to the record, the customer sends back the products purchased and accompanied by a memorandum of purchase / invoice to Poetriayu Shop.

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