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Plain BB Pocket

SF-10 warna flanel 1

Code: SF-10
Unit price: Rp 5,000 *
Price > 100 pcs: Rp 3,750 *
Material: Flannel
Size : 9 x 12,5 cm

You can choose the colours that we have.

Made by order -> only made ​​to order only.
Old work about 3 days to 14 days. Depending on the number of orders.

* Price includes plastic packaging.

Key Chain Boy 1


Code: FGK-06
Unit price: Rp 2,500*
Price > 100 pcs: Rp 2,250 *
Material: Flannel

Made by order -> only made ​​to order only.
Old work about 3 days to 14 days. Depending on the number of orders.

* Price includes plastic packaging.

Pashmina Tie Dye

Code : PS-14
Price : Rp 47.500 *
Color : A (Purple – Brown), B (Yellow – Pink), C (Blue – Brown)

*pashmina only, not including inner.

Stock : A = 1 pcs

Pashmina Styling Tiger

Code : PS-06

Price : Rp 70.000* (not including arab deep veil)

Material : Spandek

Size : 166 x 56 cm

Stock : 1 pcs this colour

Couple Ring 75

Code : CR-75

Price : Rp 410.000

Weight : more than 4 gram

Material :  Silver 925 finishing gold

Free put your name inside the ring and ring box

Note : If the ring size is more than number 19/ diameter 2,0 cm we will charge additional fee as much Rp 20.000/ pcs

~ Fixed Price~

Oil Burner 2K

Code : OB-02K

Price: Rp 12.000

Material :Pottery (Gerabah)

Size : diameter 7 x 8 cm

Motive : Wood


Salt Spa Spice (Garam Spa Rempah)

garam spa rempah

Code : BC-20

Price : Rp 10.000

Weight : 150 gram

Contains pure sea salt and spices choice who was able to eliminate fatigue and stiffness in the body. The fragrance of natural herbs to make the body relaxed and comfortable.

How To Use:
To bathe or shower, put 3-4 tablespoons of salt into the bath Spa Spice up or a bucket of warm water that contains.

To soak the feet, put 1-2 tablespoons Salt Spa Spice into a bucket of warm water that contains. Foot soak 10-20 minutes. In addition to eliminate fatigue in the legs can also scent the feet and anti-fungal.

To cope with rough heels and cracked, take salt to taste Spice Spa then rub on the heel. Rinse with water until clean and baluri heel with lotion.

Note : You can buy in weight 250 gram, 500 gram and 1 kg. For pricing, please call us.

Strawberry Scrub

scrub strawberry

Code : BC-16

Price : Rp 7.000 per sachet, Rp 40.000 per 250 gram, Rp 80.000 per kg

Function: Contains salicylic acid which helps to tighten the skin, also nourish and rejuvenate the skin. It is suitable to overcome the dull skin so that it becomes fresh and luminous.

How To Use:
Dissolve with rose water or warm water. Apply on the body and then rub gently until the dirt is carried on the skin. Rinse thoroughly. For maximum results use 2-3 times a week.

Arab Deep Veil

Code : CA

Price : Rp 12.500,-

Material : Spandek

Colors : 1. White, 2. Red, 3. Army Green, 4. Navy Blue, 5. Black, 6. Chocolate civil servant


Buy 20 pcs will get special price.. !!

Cute Ring Box – Penguins

ring box penguins

Code : RB-01

Price : Rp 35.000 SOLD OUT

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