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Herbal Eye Compress

kompress mata herbal

Code : BC-14

Price : Rp 25.000

Function :

Helps reduce fatigue on the eyes, reduce eye puffiness, improving blood circulation in the eye and surrounding area, as well as the fragrance of aromatherapy it can make sleep comfortably and soundly.

How to use:
Enter HERBAL EYE compress it in the fridge 15-30 minutes. Then place on the eyes while lying down.
After use, put in plastic bag and store in refrigerator, so you can use over and over again whenever you want

Herb Bath/ Rempah Mandi

rempah mandi

Code : BC-08

Price : Rp 6.000 per pcs

Buy 10 pcs Rp 50.000

Scent the body, relieve fatigue, calm the mind,
and feel more refreshed.

How To Use:
Spice Bath Mix 1 bag into approximately 10 liters
warm water. Knead briefly to scent out.

Buy more, will get more discount …!!