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Bandana Party 2

Code : BP-02

Price : Rp 55.000,- (not including the Paris Hijab).

Material : Tile

Colors depend on our stock. Please call us.



Code : AR-06

Price : 50 gram Rp 12.000, 100 gram Rp 20.000, 250 gram 40.000, 500 gram 80.000, Rp 130.000/ kg

Varian aroma : Jasmine, Green tea, Lemon
Fragrances are made from a mixture of dried herbs with aromatherapy fragrance that is perfect for relaxation, air freshener, and car freshener.
How to Use:
Enter the potpourri in a jar, or bowl, or other container, then place it in a place that you inginkam. If the fragrant potpourri begins to decline, can you tetesi with essential oils (aromatherapy oils) and mix well, fragrant potpourri will return.

This item not always ready stock

Armpit Scrub (Scrub Ketiak)

scrub ketiak

Code : BC-19

Price : Rp 8.500/ sachet, Rp 35.000 (250 gram)

Function : Remove dead skin cells that accumulate in the armpit area and prevent underarm odor, underarm and brighten skin tone .

How to use: Mix the armpit scrub with rose water or plain water. Apply on armpits. Rub gently turning, until the dry scrub and falling.


Breast Mask

masker payudara

Code : BC-17

Price : Rp 8.000 per sachet, Rp 35.000/ 250 gram, and Rp 95.000/kg

Function : provide a sense of gentle tightening of the breast skin.

How to use:

Wash your breast with a soft towel soaked in warm water. Close the nipple with wet cotton. Take the mask to taste and mix with a little water. Spread evenly on the breast skin. Let stand for 15-30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. For best results, use a mask 2 times a week.

Strawberry Scrub

scrub strawberry

Code : BC-16

Price : Rp 7.000 per sachet, Rp 40.000 per 250 gram, Rp 80.000 per kg

Function: Contains salicylic acid which helps to tighten the skin, also nourish and rejuvenate the skin. It is suitable to overcome the dull skin so that it becomes fresh and luminous.

How To Use:
Dissolve with rose water or warm water. Apply on the body and then rub gently until the dirt is carried on the skin. Rinse thoroughly. For maximum results use 2-3 times a week.

Ratus Burner 2

ratus burner 2

Code : RBU-02

Price : Rp 18.500

Material :Pottery/ clay (gerabah)

Size : dia. 8,5 cm x 14,5 cm

Function : To burn ratus powder


Brush Backs (Sikat Punggung)

sikat punggung

Code : BC-15

Price : Rp 25.000

Material : Brush made from loofah

Function : It helps to brush your backs when you take a bath


Herbal Eye Compress

kompress mata herbal

Code : BC-14

Price : Rp 25.000

Function :

Helps reduce fatigue on the eyes, reduce eye puffiness, improving blood circulation in the eye and surrounding area, as well as the fragrance of aromatherapy it can make sleep comfortably and soundly.

How to use:
Enter HERBAL EYE compress it in the fridge 15-30 minutes. Then place on the eyes while lying down.
After use, put in plastic bag and store in refrigerator, so you can use over and over again whenever you want

Arab Deep Veil

Code : CA

Price : Rp 12.500,-

Material : Spandek

Colors : 1. White, 2. Red, 3. Army Green, 4. Navy Blue, 5. Black, 6. Chocolate civil servant


Buy 20 pcs will get special price.. !!

Massage Oil

message oil

Code : BC-13

Price :Rp 45.000

Volume : 100 ml

Varian aroma :ย Lavender

Stock : 1 pcs

Bottle can made from glass/ plastic depend on our stock

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