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Couple Ring 75

Code : CR-75

Price : Rp 410.000

Weight : more than 4 gram

Material :  Silver 925 finishing gold

Free put your name inside the ring and ring box

Note : If the ring size is more than number 19/ diameter 2,0 cm we will charge additional fee as much Rp 20.000/ pcs

~ Fixed Price~

Oil Burner 06

Code : OB-06

Size : dia. 8 x 9 cm

Price : Rp 14.000

Material : Pottery (Gerabah)

Motive : Batik

Function : As a burner of aromatherapy

Code : OB-06K

Size : dia. 8 x 9 cm

Price : Rp 14.000

Material : Clay (gerabah)

Motive : Wood

Function : As a burner of aromatherapy

Buy more than 10 pcs will get discount !!

Oil Burner 2K

Code : OB-02K

Price: Rp 12.000

Material :Pottery (Gerabah)

Size : diameter 7 x 8 cm

Motive : Wood


Herbal Eye Compress

kompress mata herbal

Code : BC-14

Price : Rp 25.000

Function :

Helps reduce fatigue on the eyes, reduce eye puffiness, improving blood circulation in the eye and surrounding area, as well as the fragrance of aromatherapy it can make sleep comfortably and soundly.

How to use:
Enter HERBAL EYE compress it in the fridge 15-30 minutes. Then place on the eyes while lying down.
After use, put in plastic bag and store in refrigerator, so you can use over and over again whenever you want

Massage Oil

message oil

Code : BC-13

Price :Rp 45.000

Volume : 100 ml

Varian aroma : Lavender

Stock : 1 pcs

Bottle can made from glass/ plastic depend on our stock

Aromatic Package 4

Code : ARP-04 A

Price : Rp 76.000

*Oil Burner’s  code : OB-01

ARP-04A is ready stock

Code : ARP-04 B

Price : Rp 79.000

*Oil Burner’s  code : OB-02 Read the rest of this entry

Oil Burner 2

Code : OB-02

Price : Rp 9.000

Material : Pottery (Gerabah/ Tanah liat)

Function : As a place to boil essential oil.

The motif of batik can be different from this photo.

Oil Burner 1

oil burner 1

Code : OB-01

Price : Rp 9.000

Material : Pottery (Gerabah/ Tanah liat)

Function : As a place to boil essential oil.

Colour depend on our stock, can’t be choose.

Essential Oil – Retail

essential oil - retail

Code : AR-04 retail

Price : Rp 5.000

Fragrance : Bali Flower, Apple, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Lavender, Night queen, dan Sakura


Buy 10pcs @ Rp 4.700

Incense Cone Box

Code : AR-02 Box

Price : Rp 35.000

Content : 50 pcs

Fragrance : Jasmine, Lily, Greentea, Lavender, and Sandalwood

On stock –> Greentea, Jasmine, and Lavender

Function : As an aromatherapy and room fragrance.

How to use : Burn the top of the cone and inhaled the aroma.

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